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category - Double cap
2017/ 09/ 09

Name : Dr.BT
Length : 20.8cm
Weight : 19.3g

Parts used :
2x Pentel Color Twin
2x Zebra Airfit Ballpoint
4x Sailor Gel
1x Stalogy 015

This version of Dr.BT isn't like the original Menowa* made, it doesn't use Zebra Tect rings on the caps.
If wanted, only 3 Sailor Gel grips can be used, but the colors of the 2x2 Sailor Gel stripes will therefore be the same, it needs 4 Sailor Gel grips to make it asymetrical as shown.
The Stalogy 015 body can be replaced by a Stalogy 014 body, the only difference being that the Stalogy 015 is a Ballpoint pen, and the Stalogy 014 is a Mechanical Pencil. If the Stalogy body is emptied and used for the Dr.BT, there won't be any difference between the two bodies whatsoever. The diameter, length and weight of both Stalogy bodies being identical.

VGG Giotto Mod

category - Double cap
2017/ 09/ 06
VGG Giotto

Name : VGG Giotto Mod
Length : 23.5cm
Weight : 27.4g

Parts used :
2x Giotto Turbo Maxi
2x Pilot DrGrip
2x Bullet Tips
2x Pilot Supergrip
7x Orings
1x Crayola Supertips

This is a heavy, long and large mod.
The middle section to link the two Giotto Turbo Maxi, can be whatever type of Crayola Supertips, if it's a new thin model, it will need some tape around it, so that it holds together, but if done correctly, it will hold perfectly and there won't be any problem.
You can use only one Pilot DrGrip grip, but to make it fully symmetrical, 2 Pilot DrGrip grips are needed. The same applies for the Pilot Supergrip grips.
The Bullet Tips are archery's arrow metal tips, it needs some tape to be held inside the Giotto Turbo Maxi body.

Menowa* Mod

category - Double cap
2017/ 09/ 05
Menowa Mod O/G

Menowa Mod Y/S

Name : Menowa* Mod
Length : 20.7cm
Weight : 22.9g

Parts used :
2x Crayola Supertips
1x Bic Round Stic
2x Pentel Keytou
3x Dong-a Anyball
1x Zebra Hyperjell
2x Pilot Airblanc
2x Zebra Airfit
2x Pilot DrGrip
4x Zebra Tect

This version of the Menowa* Mod is a little different than the original. There is no tape cut, and the caps are fully covered with Anyball grips.
Each side precisely uses a full Anyball grip with 2x2 stripes of black Anyball grip. With a total of 15 stripes on each cap, the grips have to be put precisely and tightly, so that the final grip section of 5 stripes doesn't fall off.
It adds a bit of weight and a lot more gripping potential at the edges, allowing for more confortable wipers and so on.
The section of Hyperjell grip is glued to the Airblanc tip, without the glue, the Airblanc tip would slip out of the cap by itself. Moreover, with the shocks of the mod falling down, the tip would go out easily, the glue prevent that from happening.

Waterfall Mod (Frozn ver.)

category - Double cap
2017/ 09/ 03
Waterfall Frozn

Name : Waterfall Mod Frozn ver
Length : 20.6cm
Weight : 17.6g

Parts used :
1x Papermate Crealo Superlavable
2x Papermate Reynolds 094
4x Orings
2x Pilot DrGrip
2x Uniball Signo
1x Dong-a Anyball

This version of the Waterfall mod is using water and plastic film in order to make it a Frozn version.
The amount of water and plastic adds about 2grams of total weight, slightly reducing the overall momentum of the mod.
There are 1.3cm long inserts inside the caps, to match the water and anyball grip color.
Unlike the original Waterfall mod, to have enough space for the Orings and Anyball grip, you only need one half of a Drgrip Grip, therefore you can use only one Drgrip to make this version. But using 2 Drgrip Grips in order to have a full symmetrical mod, is better.