Menowa* Mod

category - Double cap
2017/ 09/ 05
Menowa Mod O/G

Menowa Mod Y/S

Name : Menowa* Mod
Length : 20.7cm
Weight : 22.9g

Parts used :
2x Crayola Supertips
1x Bic Round Stic
2x Pentel Keytou
3x Dong-a Anyball
1x Zebra Hyperjell
2x Pilot Airblanc
2x Zebra Airfit
2x Pilot DrGrip
4x Zebra Tect

This version of the Menowa* Mod is a little different than the original. There is no tape cut, and the caps are fully covered with Anyball grips.
Each side precisely uses a full Anyball grip with 2x2 stripes of black Anyball grip. With a total of 15 stripes on each cap, the grips have to be put precisely and tightly, so that the final grip section of 5 stripes doesn't fall off.
It adds a bit of weight and a lot more gripping potential at the edges, allowing for more confortable wipers and so on.
The section of Hyperjell grip is glued to the Airblanc tip, without the glue, the Airblanc tip would slip out of the cap by itself. Moreover, with the shocks of the mod falling down, the tip would go out easily, the glue prevent that from happening.


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