VGG Giotto Mod

category - Double cap
2017/ 09/ 06
VGG Giotto

Name : VGG Giotto Mod
Length : 23.5cm
Weight : 27.4g

Parts used :
2x Giotto Turbo Maxi
2x Pilot DrGrip
2x Bullet Tips
2x Pilot Supergrip
7x Orings
1x Crayola Supertips

This is a heavy, long and large mod.
The middle section to link the two Giotto Turbo Maxi, can be whatever type of Crayola Supertips, if it's a new thin model, it will need some tape around it, so that it holds together, but if done correctly, it will hold perfectly and there won't be any problem.
You can use only one Pilot DrGrip grip, but to make it fully symmetrical, 2 Pilot DrGrip grips are needed. The same applies for the Pilot Supergrip grips.
The Bullet Tips are archery's arrow metal tips, it needs some tape to be held inside the Giotto Turbo Maxi body.


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